Therapeutic Massage has been used for thousands of years as a simple and effective method of attaining and maintaining good health. It can promote general well-being, increase muscle performance and boost immune and circulatory systems, among many other benefits.


Pregnancy Massage

Nurtures the mother in the most relaxing way possible. We take extra care to ensure a mother’s comfort and safety. This massage relieves back pain and swelling in the limbs.

$115 – 1hr

Therapeutic Massage

Take some time out to gently restore balance to the body and soul. Swedish massage is specifically designed to relax the body and increase the level of oxygen in the blood to decrease muscle toxins, improve circulation and ease tension.

1 Hour – $99.00
30min – (back, neck and shoulders) – $79

Sports – Deep Tissue Massage

Help the muscles to decrease the inflammatory response post-workout with our deep tissue sports massage. Sports massage is a critical part of allowing for faster recovery and less downtime.

1 Hour – $120.00

LOMI LOMI – Back Massage Add On

A relaxing island style back massage which can be incorporated with a full body massage where the forearms are used instead of the hands.

15 mins – $30

Fijian Scalp Massage

A Traditional Fijian coconut bowl is used to slowly drizzle warmed exotic nut oils that are then massaged gently into the scalp and neck restoring balance and leaving hair shiny and healthy.

30min – $55

Hot Stone Therapy – Full Body

Take a beautiful spa treatment room and combine it with this deeply nurturing massage, perfect when you need some TLC.  Warmed stones are placed on the body and combined with a nourishing Exotic Body & Bath maasage oil to release tension, restore balance and increase positive energy flow. the stone are used to gently encourage sore muscles to relax and surrender as circulation increases bringing a sense of well-being and harmony.

1 hour – $130
HOT STONE THERAPY – (back, neck and shoulders)
30 mins – $90

Body Treatments

Tropical Paradise Body Glow

Relax and enjoy, as milk from the coconut is combined with macadamia and coconut oil to gently massage the skin. This is followed by an application of pure cane sugar to polish the body revealing new healthy skin, while strengthening elasticity and replenishing moisture loss.

$115.00 – 1hr

Coconut Crush Body Glow Treatment

Cleanse, polish and protect. The coconut milk bath cleanses the body, while the husk of the pineapple gently buffs away dull skin cells. This is followed by an application of body lotion to rapidly hydrate and nourish your skin.

$60.00 – 30 minutes