A permanent method of hair removal using electrical currents to gradually weaken and eliminate unwanted hair anywhere on the body.

Your permanent solution for unwanted hair.

Electrolysis hair removal is a great option when you need a long-lasting solution for annoying facial and body hair. If you are one of the many people who wish you could stop the endless process of shaving, waxing or threading, electrolysis permanent hair removal might be the solution for you.

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Full Session - 20 mins
Half Session - 10 mins

The Process

Electrolysis is a method of permanent hair removal that involves inserting a small-sterilized needle, also known as a filament, into the hair follicle. The skin is not punctured in any way, as the hair follicle is a natural opening in the skin, like a pore. A mild electrical pulse is then applied briefly, which destroys the papilla at the base of the hair. Once the hair has been treated, it is then lifted out from the follicle with a pair of tweezers or forceps. We use disposable needles for every client on each service.