We treat the cause – not just the symptoms, so you enjoy long-lasting radiance.

Skin Discovery Facial

Serious about your skin? This is the perfectintro to your skin journey. during this one-on-one, our expert skin therapist will listen to your concerns and use the Observ skin scanner to asses your skin asnd concerns. Then you can relax into her expert hands for a mini facial to cleanse, refresh and hydrate, with products selected specifically for your skin. youll leave with a clean canvas and a bespoke treatmeant plan.

A custom skin discovery facial using the Observ 320 Skin scanner is $75 and if you purchase take-home products you receive 15% discount off your products

45 mins – $75

Bespoke Osmosis Facial

During your bespoke facial treatment, we will address concerns such as pigmentation, dehydration, rosacea, sensitivity and fine-lines. We administer powerful skincare formulations that will effectively rejuvenate your skin.

30mins – $85
60mins – $139.00

Osmosis Rejuvenation Facial 

Benefits: Skin – Target specific skin concerns and accelerates results

Our most advanced facial begins with the Bespoke Facial, boosted with a vitamin A infusion. Each syringe of pure skin goodness has 27 ingredients, which generates a 30-day period of collagen production. For increased youthful results with no down time, this modern approach to chemical peels is designed for all skin concerns including anti-ageing, pigmentation, acne and rosacea.

This specialised treatment accelerates results and encourages skin remodeling, whilst increasing circulation, skin immunity and hydration. This unique infusion of ingredients will create a healthy glow inside and out. It is highly recommended you use vitamin A serum for at least 4 weeks prior to having your first Accelerate Skin Boost Facial.

60mins – $190.00

ROCCOCO Botanicals Facial 

no HYPE just RESULTS for your skin, using the wide range of roccoco botanical serums and concentrates avaiable, we have the freedom to customise a roccoco facial specifically for your skin concerns. Weather you want your treatment to focus on anti-aging, pigmentation, hyper-sensitive skin, ance or just pure pampering, we select a bespoke combination of therapeutic serums and botanical products to suit your unique skin needs. Choose your time and we will create a facial for you.

30mins – $75.00
60mins – $129.00

Blackhead Melting -extractions facial

This treatment is designed for those who have a lot of congestion. Blackhead Melting Treatment is the ultimade deep clean with advanced electrical modalities this facial is designed to activelly soften and help minimise exising congestion and prevent new formations whilst calming angry lesions. you skin will feel clean, fresh and hydrated.

1 Hr 30mins  – $160

Osmosis Glow (Revitapen)

Osmosis Glow begins with the foundation of the Bespoke Facial customising a blend of active ingredients to deliver nutrients directly to where your skin needs them. Enhance results with technology that creates pathways to deliver active ingredients deep into the skin.

This non-invasive device enhances product absorption to create visible and instant results. The unique sphere-shaped tips create micro-channels in the skin allowing Osmosis active ingredients to be driven deep for optimal skin restoration. Benefits from the RevitaPen include:

  1. Gentle exfoliation
  2. Increased hydration
  3. Reduced fine lines, wrinkles and age spots
  4. Improved texture of skin, diminishing scar tissue
  5. Reduced blemishes, inflammation and pigmentation

For maximum benefits and long-lasting results, a course of 5 treatments over 5 weeks is recommended, with a single treatment every 4-6 weeks.

45mins – $125.00 (PACKAGE OF 5 $525.00)

Tranquility Facial

A decadent, personalised treatment designed to nourish and hydrate your skin and leave you feeling rejuvenated and radiant. This service begins with a half hour Osmosis Facial and concludes with a 30 minute back massage.

1 hour – $150


Hydrojelly masks